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From Randy Terbush <ra...@Covalent.NET>
Subject Re: [PATCH] APACI configure changes
Date Mon, 30 Nov 1998 15:14:12 GMT
"Ralf S. Engelschall" <> writes:
> In article <> you wrote:
> > The following patch changes/fixes the following items:
> > * Revert to old "--compat" format as the default. Use --GNU-paths to
> >   get the "new" layout.
> > * Create a toplevel Makefile if using 'Configure' script. This helps
> >   the "least astonishment" factor since we refer them to the toplevel
> >   directory if they want to do a 'make install'.
> > * Only create the httpd.conf file and don't confuse the configuration
> >   by creating the old stub files for srm.conf and access.conf.
> > * Make use of $TARGET with APACI configure. $TARGET is then used to
> >   base the name of the configuration file, pidfile, logfile, etc.
> > If I don't get any immediate opposition to this, I'll commit sometime
> > tomorrow afternoon. I've hammered this reasonably hard, but perhaps 
> > those more intimately familiar with APACI could make sure I have not 
> > broken something.
> Wait please, Randy. At least the special --GNU-paths I dislike very much,
> sorry. I really want to see a --with-layout=ID where ID can be "apache",
> "gnu", whatever.  Second, the idea of a top-level Makefile is ok, but why not
> create a simpler wrapper? The changes to src/Configure look very oversize to
> me. But I'll look at the stuff on Monday evening in more detail. In general it
> looks like reasonable changes. But I want to review the stuff in detail.
> Because when we break something in the configuration stuff we can forget our
> 1.3.4 ;-) So please don't hurry up here...

That is why the changes to Configure probably aren't as small as they
could be. I took the safe approach to hopefully avoid the possibilty
of breaking a lot of things. I think that it is too late in the game
for a major rewrite here. 

I had to put a lot of code in Configure that would handle variable
values passed in to it from configure, but enough that it could handle 
things itself if called on. The tow are playing in eaches own
respective worlds and it looks to me to be major to change direction
at this point.

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