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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: apxs problem
Date Thu, 19 Nov 1998 13:50:23 GMT
> Oh, seems like you misunderstood me, Rasmus. The -Wl,xxx and -Wc,xxx flags are
> for apxs and treated _same way_ in apxs as gcc does, i.e. when you use
> "-Wl,-R" as an apxs option not "-Wl,-R" is passed to the linker command.
> Only "-R" is passed to the linker command. So the idea was to provide
> those -Wx,yyy options for apxs as they exists for gcc. They are not
> directly passed as is to the commands. This way we only have to add -W to
> apxs and provide flexibility.  There is only a negative optical thing:
> When you really need -Wl,xxx _passed_ to the linker command, you have to
> use "-Wl,-Wl,xx" for apxs. But this is harmless.

Ah, ok.  I'll have to put in a special check for apxs then.  No problem.


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