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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: automake/autoconf/libtool for 2.0
Date Tue, 10 Nov 1998 00:54:32 GMT
> >I think we have plenty of autoconf experience here.  I don't think it will
> >be a problem getting this done in 2.0.  And in fact, I'd like to propose
> >that we don't make it an autoconf system but rather an automake/libtool
> >system.  Seeing a file is probably going to make a few
> Yep, that was pretty much agreed to long ago, though I've never seen a
> file (automake uses and
> I can set it up, but not until I can put enough free hours together
> to really understand the 2.0 package as a whole.  I doubt that will happen
> until mid December (I need to advance to candidacy some time soon).

True, is something we are using locally here.  I forgot
about that.  Basically we are pre-processing with the

makefiles=`echo ext/*/ | sed -e 's/\.am//g'`
sed -e "s#@@EXT_MAKEFILES@@#$makefiles#" >

And then in we have:

AC_OUTPUT(libphp3.module config.h build-defs.h \
    Makefile contrib/Makefile \
    lib/Makefile lib/regex/Makefile \
    main/Makefile os/Makefile sapi/Makefile \
    ext/Makefile ext/mkextlib @@EXT_MAKEFILES@@,...

This allows us to add new extensions (modules) to the system without
having to modify to tell it about these new modules.

I think for Apache we would need something similar.


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