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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: Apache 2.0 ideas
Date Tue, 03 Nov 1998 17:34:28 GMT
> A thriving apache module ecology is very important.  Many interesting
> modules want to reside in their own process.  An I/O pipeline with
> useful semantic elements for modules lets Apache to what it should
> do: protocol, fast I/O, and module orchestration.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from large ISP's with
respect to the PHP module is how they can set things up such that each
virtual host, or even each individual user can run their PHP scripts in a
secure manner.

My usual response is to either not run the Apache module version of PHP,
but instead run the CGI version through something like suExec.  This works
fine and is nice and secure for the most part, but the performance is

Another response I give them is to tell them to run a separate pool of
httpd processes per virtual host.  If they are using name-based virtual
hosts this requires a bit of mod_rewrite trickery on port 80 of their main
server to redirect to whichever ip's and ports they have decided to run
the various pools on.  For IP-based virtual hosts it is actually a very
clean solution.

It would be nice if something could be done in 2.0 to allow a
multi-process and multi-threaded model where individual threaded processes
could run as different users.


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