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From Jeremie Miller <>
Subject Re: Apache Scripting Architecture
Date Fri, 06 Nov 1998 18:24:03 GMT
Let me chime in here quickly... in relation to the mod_js or
mod_javascript effort going on.  There's been very little activity lately,
but it's obvious that the ECMAScript engine from Mozilla can be made to
work as a server side module, and theres a decent API already growing
around that combination written by

I see two seperate things here, an API for an interpreter to sit on top of
the functionality/model in PHP, and a generic "scripting" API to allow any
language to plug into Apache relatively easily.  Right now, mod_js has to
do it's own work of handling special mime-types within the server,
grabbing the right file(s), extracting the code from the content, and
combining it to return a document. I believe that this is similiar to what
any typical scripting engine would have to do, but still spereate from the
functionality exposed to the scrpts themselves(which is the first API).

Maybe I'm explaining this for myself more than anyone else, but I think it
looks like this:

Apache <-API(A)-> Scripting Engine <-API(B)-> Script Interpreter

mod_php, mod_perl, and mod_js already do everything.  IMHO a generic
API(A) would be very useful for making it easy for newer scripting engines
to plug into Apache.  Also, I'd love to see an API(B) from mod_php so that
other scripting languages might be able to leverage the immense
functionality already built into php.

Anyways, just my <cent count="2"/>


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