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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] APACI configure changes
Date Mon, 30 Nov 1998 17:21:14 GMT
On 30 Nov 1998, Randy Terbush wrote:
> The following patch changes/fixes the following items:
> * Revert to old "--compat" format as the default. Use --GNU-paths to
>   get the "new" layout.

I'd go for forcing --layout=gnu or --layout=standard now, because if we
change the default people will get even more confused that they already

> * Create a toplevel Makefile if using 'Configure' script. This helps
>   the "least astonishment" factor since we refer them to the toplevel
>   directory if they want to do a 'make install'.

Brilliant. This is just so long overdue. Now if only it would use settings
from Configuration, such as


then it would be great!

> If I don't get any immediate opposition to this, I'll commit sometime
> tomorrow afternoon. I've hammered this reasonably hard, but perhaps 
> those more intimately familiar with APACI could make sure I have not 
> broken something.

Um, that sounds just a little rushed to me. This is quite an important
change, which I think is very worthwhile, but I'd rather give it time to
be discussed and settled before we commit it, given the potential for
upsetting a lot of existing configurations. Perhaps schedule this for a
1.3.5 release (we must be nearing a 1.3.4 by now, surely?).

Oh, there is a bug in the patch:

+ [ -z ${top} ] && top=`pwd | sed -e 's%/src%%g`;       export top

should be:

+ [ -z ${top} ] && top=`pwd | sed -e 's%/src%%g'`;       export top

Paul Sutton, C2Net Europe          
Editor, Apache Week .. the latest Apache news

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