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From Gary Shea <>
Subject Re: Contribution: SuEXEC Options
Date Tue, 17 Nov 1998 17:06:26 GMT
On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Oezguer Kesim wrote:
> So, --enable-option-suexec will put a OPT_SUEXEC into http_core.h and the
> corresponding parseline into http_core.c .  Also, util_script.c will call
> suexec, if -- in addition to the other conditions -- 
> 		(ap_allow_options(r) & OPT_SUEXEC)
> is true.
>   cheers,
>     oec

Good.  With that code, when Apache is built with
--enable-option-suexec the 'standard' suexec behaviour
(UserDir, virtuals...) simply disappears.  I can see some
advantages of going that way.  It means that we don't have
to try to make the 'stock' scheme work, and it means that
someone who accidentally sets --enable-option-suexec
won't get too fouled up.  In fact, it suggests to me that
perhaps we should make the call to suexec from util_script.c
use only two args (omitting the uid/gid args) when OPT_SUEXEC
is live.  Then the 'stock' suexec will always error out if used
with Option SuEXEC, and no unpleasant confusion can result.

Of course it introduces another level of confusion for users
of non-core suexecs, who have to figure out why their User/Group
statements aren't working!  Details...


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