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From Gary Shea <>
Subject suexec patches
Date Fri, 13 Nov 1998 19:18:40 GMT
Hi folks --

Some time ago I created a set of patches which
allow suexec to work in a more flexible manner (see suexec/1769
in the bug database).  The patches are available in the patches directory as 'suexecflex'.  The set
currently being distributed is for 1.3b3, and is of course
pitifully out of date.  I've got a new set (for 1.3.3)
pretty much ready to go.  I've attempted to follow the
spirit of the changes that have been made since 1.3b3.

The patches are still intolerant of variation in the formatting
of the suexec.conf file, but otherwise seem fairly robust.

Since the configure stuff has become very slick and useful,
I'm wondering if I can get a copy of the
file so I can add a few --suexec-* options to the patches
so some additional configuration can be automated.  For
instance, I need to set up where the suexec.conf file is found
(and what it's called, for that matter...).  I can see that
there are some development issues here, since the configure
file probably changes fairly drastically with each release...
it'd be nice if the file was part of the
distribution, so I could patch that instead.  I can see
the arguments both ways so... whatever.  These patches are
not for the faint of heart, so I can always include
a description of what to do if the standard ./configure tools
are used.

Once I have the configure changes done (or abandon the idea!)
I'd like to re-release the patches.  I have lost track of who
handled that, so I'd appreciate it if you could let me know.

I made (sparing) use of the request rec's 'notes' field,
and for the first time used the space management stuff
implemented in alloc.c ... wow, is that stuff nice.
Beautiful work.  Whoever did it was thinking.


Gary Shea                             
Salt Lake City            

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