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From Stig Bakken <>
Subject Re: apxs problem
Date Thu, 19 Nov 1998 12:55:25 GMT
Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> I assume apxs is Ralph's thing?
> Ralph, any issue with making it accept -Wl,-rpath,<LIB> and -R<LIB> ?
> I looked at the Perl and I can add it, but I figured you might want to do
> it?

I have some more apxs feature requests :-)

The first one is being able to specify build root, see the attached patch.

The second one is being able to activate/deactivate modules separate from the
module installation, so that this can be done in the rpm's postinst/preun

 - Stig
 Stig S. Bakken                    Guardian Networks AS                   -            Trondheim, Norway
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