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From "Bill Jones, FCCJ Webmaster" <>
Subject Re: Apache open PR summary for Sat Nov 7 03:06:00 PST 1998
Date Mon, 09 Nov 1998 16:49:54 GMT
Slarc Memko wrote:
>  Num Category State    Sypnosis
> ======================================================================
> 3063 general  feedback Virutal host setup impossible with existing docs

This I totally disagree with.  (If I can set them up anyone can :)

> 2925 mod_rewr feedback Multiple // not collapsed for you by mod_rewrite

This is a problem under Solaris 2.5.1 with Apache 1.3.3 and mod_rewrite.

> 3213 mod_rewr feedback RewriteCond %{} !-U [skip=1] -- 'skip' not working?

I know SKIP isn't part of RewriteCond, but maybe it should be?  :)

> 2478 mod_rewr open     mod_rewrite appears broken under virtual hosts (and maybe broken
all together)
> 2931 mod_rewr open     mod_rewrite -U switch in combination with [P] rule doesn't work
> 1582 mod_rewr suspende mod_rewrite forms REQUEST_URI different than mod_cgi does
> 2074 mod_rewr suspende mod_rewrite doesn't pass Proxy Throughput on internal subrequests

These I have verified as real problems, but maybe I am insane?

> 3264 suexec   open     symlinks don't work in CGI scripts when using SUEXEC

CGIs in the cgi-bin do not allow links, I think this is normal.

Bill Jones  |  904/632-3089  |
(Contrary to the general lack of support within 'Open Source' coding -
 I support what I write...  Others haven't, can't, or won't...)

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