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From "Ralf S. Engelschall" <>
Subject mod_proxy und Win32 load problem: Fixed!?
Date Sun, 29 Nov 1998 12:40:57 GMT

A friend of me (Martin Maurer, <>) which is a
Win32-hacker tried to analyse the long-standing mod_proxy problem where the
DLL cannot be loaded under Win95. I try to summarize his description (which he
sent to me in longer format and in german):

1. mod_proxy use Thread Local Storage (TLS) facility
2. TLS seems to be inter-process memory locations
3. it is used in mod_proxy for implementing a semaphore
4. as it looks under Win95 DLL's are not allowed to use the TLS facility.

He fixed it locally by just removing:

1. in file proxy_cache.c: 
   - funktions ap_create_mutex, ap_acquire_mutex, ap_release_mutex
   - include of multithread.h
2. in file proxy_util.c:  
   - definition of APACHE_TLS

Then the proxy DLL can be loaded correctly under Win32 and worked for him
fine. So, seems like he is right, that the TLS stuff is the actual reason for
the loading problem.  But his fix is perhaps not sufficient/correct, because
just removing the semaphore stuff can cause synchonization problems. The
question for our Win32 guys now seem to be: 

1. Is the TLS stuff in mod_proxy _really_ needed.
2. When it is needed, how can it be changed/replaced?

For questions and comments don't contact me (I've no clue here), but do a Cc:
to for dicussions, because he doesn't follow

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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