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From Matthias Hopf <>
Subject Announcement: CGI-Binary for archive content browsing + patches
Date Tue, 17 Nov 1998 16:16:03 GMT

I have created a cgi binary for content browsing of archives and on-the-fly
conversion of several data types. It is mostly usefull for big ftp archives
(such as ours: I have uploaded it to

I would like to contribute this pice of software to the apache http server
project, because the usability of the cgi binary heavily depends upon a
patch of the autoindex module of the apache server. The patch does not
interfere with other apache systems and will only be active if told so by
configuration options. The patch will have the autoindex module add view links
to the directory listing, which invoke the view binary automatically.

Would someone of the developers please take a short look at it (e.g. by
pointing to some subdirectory of
or somewhere else in our tree)? I would like to know whether it has a chance
of getting into the next apache release (contrib tree or equiv.).

Patches are available for V1.2.1 and V1.3.3 and included in the tgz archive.
The copyright is GNU-style, currently. The included patches are public domain,

The patches also add two additional extensions, you might find interesting
or not.

The view package can always be downloaded from

which also contains the README with exact information about installation,
usage, etc.

BTW - of course you can test the view system in this directory :^)



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