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From Oezguer Kesim <>
Subject Re: Contribution: SuEXEC Options
Date Sun, 15 Nov 1998 18:26:26 GMT
Thus spake Gary Shea (

> Maybe that's what Randy T. was saying?  Export the hooks and look the
> other way ;)

"<Directory /foo> Options SuExec" would be sufficent, see bellow.

> It sounds like there are two basic approaches:
> 1) Option SuEXEC -- The server config determines in what directories
>     suexec gets called to do cgi/include forks.

> 2) UserID/GroupID -- The server supports directives which set the
>     uid/gid to use in a given directory, ... 
> I can live comfortably with either approach.

We could even merge them.

> Perhaps an extension of the existing User/Group directives into Directory
> and Location?

I think, it would be sufficent to have a simple Option "SuExec" per
<Directory> and <Location>.  The rest could be handled over suexec.conf --
both, my approach and your uid/gid-pair (maybe you also want following
symlinks in some cases? hint, hint!)


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