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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-1.3/src CHANGES
Date Mon, 09 Nov 1998 21:23:39 GMT
On Mon, Nov 09, 1998 at 02:51:17PM -0500, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
> Agreed.  I just find it odd that the people who have worked so
> hard on providing this functionality (mostly but not entirely Ralf)
> haven't devoted at least a little effort to getting the real thing
> to work in the 2.0 tree -- or at least a skeleton.  They clearly
> have a deep understanding of how autoconf works, [...]

What does apache_1.3*/configure have to do with autoconf?
It was Ralf's fate that The Group decided AGAINST any movement
towards autoconf/automake in 1.3.x, so he was forced to
write an "easy" configuration lookalike from scratch.
Had he been able to use autoconf, he could have finished his
(voluntary!) job much easier and faster.

I think The Group should really appreciate what we have gained by his
efforts: a (finally) easy way to get Apache up & running on *ALL*
platforms in a uniform way. (and it's optional: you can ignore it
completely and still get a 100% backwards compatible Configuration

My personal feeling about the GNU style default paths may be mixed, but
that's what the --compat switch is for.

I definitely support and use "configure" (over the "pure" Configuration
+ Configure approach).

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