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From "Ralf S. Engelschall" <>
Subject Re: ANN: mod_dav now available
Date Sun, 08 Nov 1998 10:08:27 GMT

In article <> you wrote:

> Apache team, are there any plans to put modules like this in the
> standard distribution?

There are usually at least the following four points which have to be
fulfilled by a module to be acceptable for the official distribution, at least
from my personal point of view:

1. Stable & clean:
   The module should be already stable and coded in a very clean way, i.e. it
   should correctly use the Apache API (e.g. use ap_palloc instead of malloc,
   use ap_snprintf instead of sprintf, etc.) and it should use the Apache
   coding style (which is mainly K&R style). This is important for stability
   and maintainability.

2. Apache License:
   The module should stay under the Apache license or at least under a very
   similar BSD-style license.  If it's under a different license it doesn't
   fit very well into the official Apache distribution (which is covered by
   the Apache license as a whole).

3. Maintainer:
   The most important point is that a module can only be included into the
   official distribution of the Apache Group when there is a chance that
   someone _inside_ the Apache Group can maintain the module. This means
   usually that either the author is already a member of the Apache Group or
   that at least an Apache Group member is already very familiar with the
   module and is willing to actively maintain the module for the group.
   Because it's not acceptable to have a module in the Apache Source tree for
   which there is no maintainer in the group (e.g. as it was for mod_fastcgi).

4. Size:
   The module should be a small or medium size module. For instance modules
   like mod_php, mod_perl or mod_ssl are all very large modules which require
   their own projects. They cannot easily integrated into the Apache Group's
   distribution. Because they are already too large in size. Not only the code
   is large. Also the whole community around the module (think about mailing
   list traffic, problem reports, etc.).

So, when you really want that your mod_dav becomes part of Apache (I
personally would appreciate this, of course) you should think about the above
points. Sure, others of us perhaps think a little bit differently about them,
but I'm sure the above points are at least approx. the opinion of the group.

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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