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From Stefan Arentz <>
Subject Apache Scripting Architecture
Date Fri, 06 Nov 1998 14:35:04 GMT
Hi folks,

What do you think of the following? I would really like to see this
become a standard module of Apache, but that decision remains to the
Apache core group of course :-)

This is just a quick start, I would like to start coding once I have
a specification and enough input from people on the list. (Is this
the correct place to discuss this?)



Apache Scripting Architecture

Stefan Arentz, 1998-11-06

This is a proposal for a new apache module; mod_asp. The purpose of this
module is to provide an API for adding server side scripting to Apache.
Choice of scripting language and implementation of the actual module is left
to the author. This module only defines the API and basic services for ASP

There are many server side scripting solutions available for Apache. Some
provide basic scripting functionality (PHP) while others enable you to
access the complete Apache API (mod_perl). This module will be somewhere in
the middle. It will provide basic functionality that all server-side
scripting solutions use, like parsing of HTML, executing script files and
access to core Apache services. Modules that require more functionality can
always fall back on the original Apache API. This is possible since the
Scripting API is build on top of it.

                          WizbangScript Module
                          Apache Scripting API
                           Apache Module API
                              Apache Core

The API should be simple, yet have enough hooks to allow sophisticated
things to be done in a server side scripting language.

 Parse HTML documents.

 Using the standard <% %> notation and the <SERVER LANGUAGE="XXX"></SERVER>
 tags. The module can parse HTML files and hand a list of parts to the actual
 ASP implementation.

 Provide basic functionality for tracking user sessions

 Provide methods for storing global data with an expiration mechanism.

These are just some initial thoughts, based on the kind of things that I use
when I develop web applications.

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