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From Sam Rasins <>
Subject SiteMetrics? Where are they getting their sites?
Date Fri, 06 Nov 1998 10:09:27 GMT


This is an FYI ....

Anybody know where SiteMetrics gets their sites ... it is sure not the
same as Netcraft!  Also, someone may want to contact Information Week
and let them know the "real" story!

Sambo	P-)

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		-- Clint Eastwood

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Good Morning! Today is Nov. 6. And this is ...
------------INFORMATIONWEEK DAILY--------------
The E-Mail News Service For IT Decision Makers
* Now reaching more than 150,000 subscribers and growing *
from  I N F O R M A T I O N W E E K  magazine
........ ........

1) Top Stories:
   - State Of California Launches Online Procurement Bid
   - USWeb Taps Former Oracle VP For CEO Slot
   - Forrester Predicts Internet Market Could Hit 
     $3 Trillion by 2003
   - Microsoft Makes Steady Gains In Web Server Market


____State Of California Moves To Online Procurement____

____________USWeb Hires Ex-Oracle VP As CEO___________

_____E-Commerce Market Could Hit $3.2 Trillion By 2003____

_____Microsoft Gaining On Rivals In Web Server Market_____
Microsoft is gaining a greater share of the market for Web 
servers, according to a survey of Internet sites operated by 
the country's largest companies. The results were released 
Thursday by SiteMetrics Corp. 

Microsoft's Internet Information Server has 28% of the 
market, compared with about 22% six months ago. The open 
source Apache server, however, is still the preferred 
product and is used by 36% of all Web sites included in the 
survey, which began earlier this year. Netscape Enterprise 
Server brings up the rear at 19% of all sites. 

At the top end of the market though, Netscape reigns with 
its Web server used at 33% of 4,300 businesses surveyed that 
have more than $1 billion in annual revenue. But even here 
Microsoft is making inroads, narrowing Netscape's lead in 
this segment from 14% to just 6% in the last six months. 
Microsoft's IIS and Apache both hold 27% of the high-end Web 
server market. Products from various smaller vendors make up 
the remainder of the sites surveyed. 

Users are switching from those second-tier vendors to the 
Big Three, especially Microsoft, the survey found. The poll 
was conducted by presenting questions to people who operate 
53,000 Web domains or addresses that are owned by 30,000 of 
the country's largest businesses. -- Gregory Dalton

For more IT news, see InformationWeek Online at 

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