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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: cute.
Date Tue, 03 Nov 1998 18:33:59 GMT

Microsoft's problem number 1 is the anti-trust trial and leaking a
memo that implies that they fear any competitive threat anywhere on
the horizon is a useful part of the ongoing PR campaign.  How nice for
them that this memo was leaked just in time to provide something the
WSJ could run next to it's coverage of the Gate testimony.

The memo is striking in that it doesn't mention any of the obvious
tactical or strategic tools that MS has in it's minor competition for
the server marketplace.  Just for example it doesn't point out that if
you own the tools that people author content with then you can own the
servers of that content.

It is also striking in it's failure to mention the pervasive
effect that of zero distribution cost, or the irrelevancy
of individual motives if the space of volunteers is large enough,
or the Darwinian advantages of a diverse ecology.

It would be bad if this memo's model of open source is adopted
by the community.  For example to transition from "the fun we're
having" to "ego gratification" would be poison.

Still, it is cute.  Don't you just love it when MBAs talks dirty:
homesteading, land grab, trust (ha!), scratching the big itch, IQ
assets, winner take all...

 - ben

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