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From "Mark D. Anderson" <>
Subject Re: Apache 2.0 ideas
Date Mon, 16 Nov 1998 17:48:34 GMT
>Similar.  Web serving is (essentially) sequential until you have so many
>clients at random points in a large file...  VM has somewhat more random
>access in general.  With sendfile()/TransmitFile() the kernel knows where
>all the cursors are and can make educated guesses about which blocks to
>toss.  It could also apply slight delay heuristics where it's permitted to
>add latency to "synchronize" bundles of clients so that they need the same
>blocks at the same/similar time.

Interesting -- is that something any kernel does today, or just something
it could do?
It strikes me that this would help with the trade-off inherent in
RAID stripe sizing, between single-user performance and multi-user

>> On a somewhat unrelated note -- and apologize for slipping this question
>> in here -- is there an apache module for hooking the caching algorithm,
>> so that i can fill and invalidate the cache for POST requests using my
>> own information? 
>What caching algorithm?  Apache doesn't do any caching.  It's a
>multiprocess model server, caching is futile because it can't be shared
>conveniently between processes.

What about in the some-day MT version?
Or is that what started this email thread to begin with....

It looks like there is mod_proxy, and there is the separate squid.
squid looks fine for some uses, but in general one would like your
cache proxy more intimately tied to a web server so that you can
hook in your own logic for cache invalidation and filling for things
that are entirely generated.


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