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From "Mark D. Anderson" <>
Subject Re: Apache 2.0 ideas
Date Sun, 15 Nov 1998 20:33:00 GMT
A perhaps tangential thought stimulated by the discussion of
userland vs. kernel and memory cache vs. sendfile:

Suppose that one was only serving static files (no dynamic generation),
that basically the only job is to export a directory hierarchy.
Suppose that someone did this entirely in the kernel -- basically,
the http GET requests were treated just like tunneled NFS RPC
requests. i actually don't know if real world nfsd's are kernel-only
or not; my question is whether there would be some intrinsic
advantage to leveraging the file system cache & virtual memory "directly"?
Or would it turn out that the file system has the same
set of trade-offs that a userland web server would: in the end,
you have don't have as much RAM as you have disk.

This isn't really an apache question, since this isn't an option
for a general purpose web server. I'm just trying to understand the
issues -- and trying to imagine what the optimal special purpose
system would do.


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