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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Core server caching
Date Thu, 29 Oct 1998 20:53:20 GMT

On Thu, 29 Oct 1998, Honza Pazdziora wrote:

> I've also found the following sentence in the docs:
> 	The final goal of all of this, of course, is simply to allow CGI
> 	output to be parsed for server-side includes. But don't tell Dean that.
> What does make Dean so sad about the idea? ;-)

Dean wants examples of useful applications of this which don't amount to
complete kludges... CGI -> SSI is a total kludge, you can do everything
the SSI can do from the CGI itself.  Or you could use a real language like
perl or php and get rid of the SSI that way.  So CGI->SSI is a really
boring application. 

Crypto is an interesting application, but there are these stupid export
laws which mean we can't really say "this is *the* reason we did this". 

I'm sure there are other applications... but none that convince me that we
want to spend a lot of time inventing a layered i/o model which has the
huge potential to slow down the server.  Look at STREAMS for an example of
a protocol stack which is a complete and utter performance failure... we
shouldn't repeat that.  Every vendor who had TCP/IP over STREAMS has
replaced it with various fast path hacks to divert things away from
STREAMS and into a custom TCP/IP stack as early as possible.


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