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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Type casting int to pointer and back again
Date Thu, 29 Oct 1998 20:42:30 GMT
On Tue, 27 Oct 1998, Bill Stoddard wrote:

> The cmd_data field in command_rec (http_config.c) is declared as a
> void*.   In all cases I am aware of, cmd_data is used as an int (see
> DirectoryMatch directive in http_core.c, for example).  This is making
> getting a clean port to AS/400 a real pain in the butt because ints and
> pointers have different sizes and the compiler does not allow casting an
> int to a pointer (casting a pointer to an int is okay).  Regardless of
> the AS/400 problems,  using pointers and ints interchangeably is not
> good form and we should change it, IMO.

Look at mod_autoindex, it hacks up an enum using pointers.

The pointers and ints aren't used interchangeably, it's up to the called
routine to make some sense out of its argument.

> One solution would be to change the void * to an int. This solution is
> more restrictive (only have an int to play with, not a struct) and would
> break any third party modules that use cmd_data as a pointer. A  better
> solution might be to keep cmd_data as a void* and make changes to
> http_core to use the field as a pointer (to ints). Thoughts?

So then all cases where an int is used you'll declare a static const int
and insert the address to it?  What a pain.  But doesn't bother me too

How are you going to deal with the int passed in void * clothing for
ap_note_cleanups_for_fd() ?  You're not going to be able to convince me
it's worth wasting an int of allocated memory just so you can pass a
pointer to it... fds are the most common type of cleanups.  But you could
convince me of this approach: 

in some headerfile somewhere:

extern const char oh_what_a_hack[1];
#define INT_IN_POINTER_CLOTHING(i)	(oh_what_a_hack + (i))
#define INT_WITHOUT_POINTER_CLOTHING(p)	((char *)(p) - oh_what_a_hack)

in alloc.c:

static void fd_cleanup(void *fdv)

API_EXPORT(void) ap_note_cleanups_for_fd(pool *p, int fd)
    ap_register_cleanup(p, INT_IN_POINTER_CLOTHING(fd), fd_cleanup, fd_cleanup);

API_EXPORT(void) ap_kill_cleanups_for_fd(pool *p, int fd)
    ap_kill_cleanup(p, INT_IN_POINTER_CLOTHING(fd), fd_cleanup);

The pointer is never dereferenced, so this doesn't violate any rule I
know of.

The contents of oh_what_a_hack are irrelevant...

You can use that to fix the config stuff too.


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