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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: TPF Port
Date Fri, 09 Oct 1998 21:39:31 GMT
>We have a port ready for TPF (Transaction Processing Facility) on a mainframe.
>This initial port is only for inetd mode, standalone should be completed
>sometime later in October or November.  We can send in the patches to the forum
>once we've updated from the latest repository tarball but none of us here have
>authority to commit.  The port also entails a new os directory for TPF.  How
>would you like us to proceed?  After we submit the patches to the forum  can
>someone commit them for us?  Do we need to also submit the new os directory to
>the forum?

I suggest you start by sending a patchfile that shows what changes are
needed to the existing source base first.  Once that is approved, you can
probably just copy the TPF-specific stuff over to Manoj or Bill
(or anyone else with commit access) and they can begin committing it into
the repository.

The reason for this is that what we really care about is any adverse
effect it may have on other platforms, since we assume that you are
already testing it on TPF.  The rest can be reviewed after the commit.


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