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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: Apache-1.3.3 tagged and rolled.
Date Fri, 09 Oct 1998 01:46:59 GMT
>Yesterday we pulled in the apache-1_3_19981006191216 tarball and ran through
>some test cases, one of which now fails with a malloc error (due to trying to
>malloc 384,000+ bytes).
>I am trying to test the "denied" message by asking for a page from Navigator
>that is only available to Explorer.
>While it is probably only a problem with my code/system, I thought I would ask
>if anyone tried the allow/deny while checking out the new tarball.

I just tested it and found no problem (well, there does seem to be a memory
leak of 8K having to do with the 403 response, but nothing fatal).

Are you also using ErrorDocument 403 some_script?

The only change that would impact the environment is the addition to
error-notes of the 403 log entry, which might be the last straw for
your system if it already has a huge environment allocation and it
then attempts to invoke a CGI.  That's all I could think of, anyway.

Something repeatable like this should be stepped through with a
debugger to find out what the exact problem might be.


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