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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject 1.5 more Gbps to taz. :)
Date Sat, 24 Oct 1998 04:43:15 GMT

These guys kick so much ass.

>Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 23:43:10 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Dave Rand <>
>Subject: Update for connectivity
>As a brief update, we have completed the OC12 build in the bay area.
>We now have an additional 1.5 Gbps of capacity leaving the 18th floor
>colocation in San Jose to our other routers.  As well, we've added several
>new private peering circuits, including (155 Mbps, in
>addition to the existing 5xDS3), Savvis (135 Mbps), AT&T Asia Pacific
>(45 Mbps), Sprint (155 Mbps more), Starcom (155 Mbps), Microsoft (100 Mbps),
>IDT (55 Mbps), ODN (10 Mbps), (155 Mbps on the east coast,
>in addition to the 100 Mbps on the west coast).  We've also added three
>new public peering points (mae-la, the SIX, and the sprint-nap), and
>two new multicast-only peering points (200 Mbps) since I last wrote.
>Over the next two weeks, we will be adding private peering with AT&T
>(135 Mbps), another circuit in Chicago to Teleglobe (45 Mbps), more
>Sprint capacity (155 Mbps in Chicago, and 155 Mbps in Washington, DC),
>more capacity (155 Mbps in Washington, DC), new
>private peering with Verio (almost 500 Mbps), new private peering with
>AT&T-Unisource (100 Mbps).
>Thank you all for using the bandwidth that we are creating!  As always,
>if you are seeing specific problems, please let me know.
>Dave Rand

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  character is what you are in the dark.

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