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From David Sklar <>
Subject Re: Core server caching
Date Fri, 30 Oct 1998 15:02:33 GMT
A less technically exciting but more commercially helpful application of
stacked handlers would be to enable multiple third-party products to
operate on the same page. For instance, an ad server that either works
through straight SSI or some custom page-parsing handler of their own. 

If there are parts of one's site that are dynamically generated (say, a
discussion or chat software package that runs as a CGI or even as a
module), it would make site management much easier to be able to also
run these dynamically generated pages through the ad software handler as

It's inefficient, it probably doesn't scale well, and it would be better
handled by cooperation amongst the application developers (or even just
having access to the source of the apps), but I imagine it might make
the lives easier of many not-so-technical webmasters.


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