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From Michael Anderson <>
Subject Re: Microsoft Windows NT Server Migration Lab (fwd)
Date Thu, 22 Oct 1998 00:05:56 GMT
There are several advocacy sites for Linux around, probably
others for other unices, and probably also for Apache, though
I'm not currently aware of it. I'm going to look around at whats

What I have in mind is a highly-structured credible-looking
document along the lines of the MS document, with detail
technical info. as well as general guidelines and case

If you're interested, do the same research, and we'll make
contact in a few days. We may be reinventing the wheel ...

There's probably a better mailing list for this discussion -

Ed Korthof wrote:

> I'd love to write up some copy providing business reasons for switching
> from IIS to Apache on Unix -- not that it's a hard topic to cover. ;)

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