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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Unified httpd.conf-dist
Date Thu, 15 Oct 1998 07:17:15 GMT
Adam M Donahue wrote:
> > Should UserDir start off with a "disabled" setting by default?
> I think if there's a default, you should consider renaming it from
> public_html to something a little less cryptic sounding.  We're starting
> to use the convention "web" here.

It may be cryptic, but it's legacical.  (Is that a word? ;-)
The canonical name is "public_html" and has been for four+
years; while other people have changed it, I don't think there's
a single nomenclature that has as much penetration as "public_html".
But I could be wrong..  We want to be careful about introducing
incompatibilities between 1.* versions of Apache; if someone upgrades
and has never had to touch this section before, they might not
think to look at it after the upgrade and wonder why it no longer
works.  2.0 should be a sufficient departure to allow us to set
some new 'standards' -- if we can agree on what they should be. :->

> (This is my first post to new-httpd.  I've been reading the list for a
> couple weeks and I'd like to get involved with Apache development.   But
> it'll take me a bit to get up to speed!)

In your free teraseconds you might want to scan the archives
at <> (named "nh.*").  Two weeks
doesn't provide much background, and I wouldn't want you to
become discouraged.. :-)

#ken	P-)}

Ken Coar                    <http://Web.Golux.Com/coar/>
Apache Group member         <>
"Apache Server for Dummies" <http://WWW.Dummies.Com/

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