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From John Wojtowicz <>
Subject WEXITSTATUS, WTERMSIG, mode_t, pid_t
Date Mon, 05 Oct 1998 16:05:49 GMT
I'm doing some module development (1.3.2), and i'm including 
ap_config.h via httpd.h.  The problem here is that my module pulls in
<wait.h> (and consequently <sys/wait.h>).  This causes macro redefinition, and
re-typedef'ing of WEXITSTATUS, WTERMSIG, mode_t, and pid_t. I'd really like
to take advantage of the macros and prototypes that get included from

Is this a known problem?  I'm sure you guys have a good reason for redefining
those macros and typedefs in an apache header. It even seems that redefining
these could theoretically get you in trouble on odd (broken, or stupid)

Any workaround suggestions?


John Wojtowicz                     ph:    (703) 318-7134
Trusted Computer Solutions, Inc.   fax:   (703) 318-5041
13873 Park Center Rd. Suite 225    email:
Herndon, VA  20171       


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