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From Honza Pazdziora <>
Subject Re: Core server caching
Date Fri, 30 Oct 1998 09:26:42 GMT
> One recent feature that was added to PHP was an option to gzip the output
> stream of the module.  It works fine, but architecturally I don't think
> PHP should be responsible for something like that.  Others have mentioned

Yes. Forcing any module to support gzipping is bad, IMHO. And even if
we only had the gzip filtering module, I think it's worth implementing
it cleanly.

As for the SSI (or any other "including" module), it should also be
done as filter -- CGI could do it itself, yes, but once the number of
different sources that should be considered (plain file, script,
Apache::Registry precompiled script, database record) gets higher, so
grows the number of modules that would have to implement SSI in such
a way. Isn't it better to do it once and define one,
as-few-copies-as-possible solution?

And how about converting PNG to GIF (and caching the result). Even the
picture can come either from file, Perl script with GD or database.

This would not force anyone to use it, anyone could still be doing it
in his script, of course.

 Honza Pazdziora | |
                   I can take or leave it if I please

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