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From (Jens-Uwe Mager)
Subject Re: Quick Question: module structure initialization
Date Sat, 24 Oct 1998 12:08:01 GMT

>Is it correct that ANSI C _guarantees_ C compilers initialize missing entries
>(at the end) in structure initializations like our "module" structure to


>In other words: Is it safe when I add (inside the mod_ssl patch) two more hook
>pointers to the "module" structure definition in http_config.h but the module
>sources contain no explicit additional NULLs in their initialization of the
>"module" structure?
>I hope this is the case because else it would be not possible to extend the
>set of hooks without requireing third party modules to change their structure,
>too. But NULLs for the additional hooks are needed or the stuff would

This will only work if you recompile the third party modules, as the
old binary has the size of the structure compiled in and probably
something else is there where you expand your structure and expect the
NULL's. You must at least mace the version stamp incompatible so the
developers are forced to recompile.

Jens-Uwe Mager

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