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From Chris Wedgwood <>
Subject apache bug-1.3.3 OPTIONS bug?
Date Mon, 12 Oct 1998 21:00:51 GMT
I've been told this is probably a mod_autoindex bug (but I can't see
to find it, I'm staring at diffs between 1.3.2 (where things work as
expected) and 1.3.3 without clues).

Using apache-1.3.3 I have access setup similar to this:

<Directory />
	AllowOverride None
	Options None
	deny from all

<Directory /mounts/www/blah/site/>
	AllowOverride None
	Options None
	order deny,allow
	allow from all

        DocumentRoot    /mounts/www/blah/site/

As expected, this only allows access to files within
/mounts/www/blah/site/ but not directory contents. 

Alas, if you try to access /mounts/www/blah/site/some.dir/ - you can
enumerate the directory, much as if you has specified `Options


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