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From Slarc Memko <>
Subject Apache open PR summary for Sat Oct 10 03:06:00 PDT 1998
Date Sat, 10 Oct 1998 10:06:00 GMT
 Num Category State    Sypnosis
2762 apache-a open     subprocess cleanup can fail on restart/shutdown
3023 apache-a open     r->no_cache should set the Pragma and maybe the cache-control header
3143 apache-a open     No module specific data hook for per-connection data
1004 apache-a suspende request_config field in request_rec is moderately bogus
1158 apache-a suspende improvements to child spawning API
1233 apache-a suspende there is no way to keep per-connection per-module state
2024 apache-a suspende adding auth_why to conn_rec
2718 apache-a suspende alloc.h conflicts with libstd++ installed header file
1630 config   analyzed Full status reports are not enabled even with rule STATUS=yes
2116 config   analyzed Wrong flags for native compiler on Solaris
2162 config   analyzed Some directives use trailing "/", others do not.
2409 config   analyzed Inability to customize error 500
2448 config   analyzed incorrect handling of .Z and .gz extensions
1409 config   feedback Unable to get it to compile
2263 config   feedback Difference in function, BASE tag vis. Netscape & Apache, virtual
2298 config   feedback Configure prob
2347 config   feedback uncommenting ScriptAlias in srm.conf gives "Invalid command" error
when starting
2363 config   feedback Alias and ScriptAlias cannot handle symbolic link in realname
2526 config   feedback Server starts - never answers...Netscape timesout
2531 config   feedback Can't get server side includes to work.
2566 config   feedback cleaning of Configuration fails
2586 config   feedback embed for playmidi and play fail through Apache server
2632 config   feedback access.conf "allow from" erratic in domain name reverse lookups
2693 config   feedback configure script does not work correctly
3029 config   feedback NameVirtualHost and Port Numbers: One hosts captures all connections
to other ports
3102 config   feedback Virtual Hosted Page not being displayed. Base page from server displayed
3127 config   feedback An Apache Offical rpm
3150 config   feedback VirtualHost points to root directory.
 783 config   open     RLimitMEM, RLimitCPU, hard limit ignored when userid is not 0
2364 config   open     .tgz files, mime type and encoding [suggestion for srm.conf]
2380 config   open     IANA registered vnd mime types are conspicuously missing from default
2461 config   open     GuessOS fails to get correct info.
2590 config   open     Linking of modules libs
2612 config   open     apachectl does not check if `cat` is an httpd process
2706 config   open     Example access.conf and product documentation are inconsistant
2775 config   open     Apache 1.3.x fails to accept all connections after some time (while
MaxClients is big enough)
2847 config   open     BMP files display as garbage and when downloaded the file gets corrupted.
2870 config   open     After a module has been removed from the modules list, it can't be
put back in it.
2955 config   open     .htaccess ignored on filestore accessed by UNC paths
3000 config   open     BrowserMatch(NoCase)/SetEnvIf(NoCase) allowed in htaccess
3065 config   open     Alias directive, UNC names
3112 config   open     official patch not solving htaccess/php3 problem
3142 config   open     apachectl configtest reported config OK but would not start...
3152 config   open     Uninformative error message
3169 config   open     The Include directive should also work in Directory context
3175 config   open     Apache always points to ServerRoot/share/htdocs/
 628 config   suspende Request of "Options SymLinksIfGroupMatch"
 922 config   suspende it is useful to allow specifiction that root-owned symlinks should
always be followed
1156 config   suspende insufficent AllowOverrides granularity for autoindexing
2113 config   suspende HTTP Server Rebuild Line Needs Changing for the better
2286 config   suspende Distributed mime.types lacks mapping for widely used Shockwave Flash
2421 config   suspende problem specifying ndbm library for build ?with autoconfigure
2446 config   suspende AllowOverride FileInfo is too coarse
2760 config   suspende [PATCH] User/Group for <Directory> and <Location> i.e.
not only in global and <Virtual>.
2873 config   suspende Feedback/Comment on APACI
2907 config   suspende suggestion: power up your Include directive :)
2246 document analyzed Add link for IANA registered MIME types to Apache Proj Library page
2445 document analyzed Docs have many (Allow)Override omissions, etc
2852 document feedback Docu of Name Virtual Hosts is unclear
2470 document open     windows.html Downloading & Compiling sections have errors
2497 document open     adding catagories to the FAQ
2508 document open     Document contribution
3136 document open     Another cause of "Premature end of script headers:"
3151 document open     handler documentation refers to `documents ending in x' rather than
`documents with extension x'
3156 document open     mod_autoindex.html#indexoptions does not state that SupressHTMLPreamble
is only available in 1.3
2221 document suspende Make online documentation search link back to my installation
 792 general  analyzed race condition with SIGUSR1 graceful restart
1305 general  analyzed Apache is *very* unprotected against characters with 8bit set
1474 general  analyzed No logging when killing above MaxSpareServers -- suggested patch included
1750 general  analyzed Configure encourages changes, but I can't find a suitable place to
send them.
1990 general  analyzed Pb during step 3of the installation procedure
1999 general  analyzed Messages in error logfile.
2057 general  analyzed Authentication using htaccess fails
2344 general  analyzed httpd appears to ignore command line flags -d dir and -f config
2487 general  analyzed ap_strcmpmatch fails on case-blind file systems (Severe error)
1912 general  feedback After about 2 days the apache process loses its group permissions
2245 general  feedback Insure memory checker found errors
2270 general  feedback Required Patches to Apache sources for FrontPage Module
2321 general  feedback htpasswd binary not created after install
2323 general  feedback Logs Before Initiaize logfile
2349 general  feedback DSO isn't working for me.
2387 general  feedback couldn't spawn child process
2394 general  feedback Content-Type header info converted to lowercase
2397 general  feedback one IP, multiple (virtual) hostnames - requests & errors sent to
wrong logfile
2438 general  feedback WebTV can't read Apache page
2458 general  feedback Spelling module does NOT work, even worsth, does not compile into httpd
2475 general  feedback REPORT ONLY -- Apache Stability Problem on FreeBSD
2477 general  feedback FollowSymLinks directive does not work in Virtual hosts
2507 general  feedback Complete server lockup
2542 general  feedback Images _will not_ load at all, change file name - they load.
2561 general  feedback Override Problem with deny and order
2629 general  feedback apachectl "fibs" about starting httpd
2643 general  feedback relocation error on ap_* in mod_*.so on apachectl start
2645 general  feedback CGI Cause the Server to die, a lot of defunct and zombie processes
2648 general  feedback Cache file names in Proxy module
2667 general  feedback IE and SSI increase processes
2677 general  feedback JAR Files are not served
2682 general  feedback CGIs do not work.
2750 general  feedback wwwcount only displayed intermittently
2780 general  feedback <Directory> does not work in access.conf
2850 general  feedback Server restart causes "long lost child came home!"
2877 general  feedback Problem to start apachectl
3017 general  feedback browser hangs then gives secure channle error
3048 general  feedback No autorization with .htaccess
3063 general  feedback Virutal host setup impossible with existing docs
3103 general  feedback apache fails to compile
3125 general  feedback bad files
2396 general  open     Proposal for TimeZone directive
2468 general  open     initgroups()
2510 general  open     Apache stalls after getting a few requests by Net_Vampire/2.4
2516 general  open     Compilation fails: wait() wants "union wait status" and some "redefinition"
2579 general  open     setgid() should be called before initgroups()
2580 general  open     CGI/
2583 general  open     Incomplete conversion from perror to ap_log_error
2587 general  open     problems linking shared modules
2615 general  open     Set-Cookie not sent with Redirect response headers
2620 general  open     Environment variables not passed to NMAKE in 'Makefile.nt'
2658 general  open     Compile problem during make - similar to PR# 2605
2680 general  open     <Directory proxy:*> does not work as intended in combination
with mod_rewrite nor ProxyPass
2714 general  open     Command line option '-?' doesn't work.
2724 general  open     a permanent redirect (status code 301) to a non-existent file produces
a  status code 403 (HTTP_FORBIDDEN)  instead of 404 (HTTP_NOT_FOUND)
2751 general  open     Handler problem false, should not be logged.
2797 general  open     403 - Forbidden when errno=ETIMEDOUT
2818 general  open     Parent process should remain attached to the terminal for high availibility
system's software check
2823 general  open     Httpd spawned process consume memory
2878 general  open     apachectl sometimes falsely reports that the server is running when
trying to start
2889 general  open     Inclusion of RPM spec file in CVS/distributions
2903 general  open     [emerg] (28)No space left on device: could not call shmget
2904 general  open     Another solution to PR#2431 (customisation of filenames in rotatelogs)
2936 general  open     Adding new cygwin32 platform support to core Apache distribution
2940 general  open     two quick additions to the MIME.TYPES file
3039 general  open     MMapFile doesn't do what it should (file edits are read by server)
3040 general  open     mmap is not a good idea for very large files
3046 general  open     Apache letting child processes run too long
3085 general  open     Access FORBIDDEN where requesting a directory without index.html or
3097 general  open     Default syslog facility should not be LOG_LOCAL7.
3098 general  open     apache does not report some system errors.
3101 general  open     when a file is downloaded that is a windows executable it says not
valid win32 file. if downloaded bypasing proxy it downloades fine
3110 general  open     Apache restart and httpd hungs
3122 general  open     Apache compilaton aborts because "os.h" is not found in routine "ap_config.h".
3172 general  open     Apache claims no access to create indexes for directories in <VirtualHost>
3174 general  open     TransferLog with pipe hangs server on SIGHUP restart
  76 general  suspende missing call to "setlocale();"
 793 general  suspende RLimitCPU and RLimitMEM don't apply to all children like they should
1180 general  suspende Suggestion: Default language for LanNeg
1191 general  suspende setlogin() is not called, causing problems with e.g. identd
1204 general  suspende regerror() exists, use it
1206 general  suspende where possible use herror()
1531 general  suspende Multiple ServerAlias lines don't work
2144 general  suspende apache always detaches for normal operation
2284 general  suspende Can not POST to ErrorDocument - Apache/1.3b6
2431 general  suspende A small addition to rotatelogs.c to improve program functionality.
2763 general  suspende mailto tags and bundling bug report script
2906 general  suspende Propose that Apache recommend $UNIQUE_ID for all "session id" algorithms
3018 general  suspende cannot limit some HTTP methods
3019 mod_acce feedback Re: unable to overide allow/deny
 537 mod_acce suspende mod_access syntax allows hosts that should be restricted
1287 mod_acce suspende add allow,deny/deny,allow warning to mod_access
2512 mod_acce suspende <IfDenied> directive wanted
2584 mod_acti analyzed Seeing alot of these: "handler "cgi-wrapper" not found for" since upgrading
2686 mod_acti open     AddHandler overrides Action
2888 mod_alia feedback RedirectMatch does not correctly deal with URLs which need to be escaped.
(simular to PR#1155)
2148 mod_auth analyzed Inconsistent use of , or space in require group
2376 mod_auth feedback authorization via module mod_auth_dbm
2459 mod_auth feedback Getting this message: [Wed Jun 17 11:37:04 1998] [notice] httpd: child
pid 332 exit signal Segmentation Fault (11) when trying to access a DBM file
2550 mod_auth feedback No such file or directory: could not open dbm auth file: /etc/dbmpasswd
2597 mod_auth feedback dbmmanage generates incorrect file
2659 mod_auth feedback to resolve symbol / Invalid command
1671 mod_auth open     .htaccess files may not use CRNLs.
1978 mod_auth open     mod_auth_dbm authentication algorithm incompatible with that of mod_auth
2027 mod_auth open     Authentication via mod_auth_dbm fails.
2299 mod_auth open is not linked properly
2371 mod_auth open     auth_dbm still fails
2578 mod_auth open     Exactly as PR# 2550 states
2598 mod_auth open     mod_auth_dbm requires mod_auth -- not documented?
2665 mod_auth open     Get failed authorization, after using correct user and password.
2809 mod_auth open     AuthDBMUserFile - Apache complains 'File not found'
2912 mod_auth open     DBM user authentication doesn't work.
2924 mod_auth open     segfault due to collaboration of mod_autoindex, mod_auth, mod_perl,
and AuthenDBI
2951 mod_auth open     .htaccess in virtual host directory doesn't seem to be parsed correctly.
3170 mod_auth open     "require user	foo" fails when a tab separates "user" and "foo"
3171 mod_auth open     mod_auth_db does not work properly with Berkeley DB 2.x
 557 mod_auth suspende ~UserHome directories are not honored in absolute pathname requests
1117 mod_auth suspende Using NIS passwd.byname dbm files with AuthDBMUserFile
1809 mod_auth suspende Suggestion for improving authentication modules and core source code,
problem with 401 and ErrorDocument
1898 mod_auto analyzed AddDescription Wildcard Expression
3072 mod_auto analyzed star wildcard not handled properly at the end of file name
1829 mod_auto open     <Location> and regexes have changed the meaning of cmd_parms.path
2177 mod_auto open     mod_autoindex (mod_dir) invokes other modules with timeouts in scope
3114 mod_auto open     FancyIndexing broken at server config level for BSD/OS.
3158 mod_auto open     If header or readme file exists in auto-index'd directory, browsers
say document empty!
1574 mod_auto suspende ReadmeName and HeaderName don't allow for server-parsed html.
1699 mod_auto suspende Not possible to set default of Sorting Directing Columns.
1855 mod_auto suspende More Control over autoindex layout
2324 mod_auto suspende length of filename and description columns
3026 mod_auto suspende No way to change ReadmeName/HeaderName suffixes.
1742 mod_cern suspende mod_cern_meta doesn't do the right thing with 304 responses
 543 mod_cgi  analyzed "%2F" not allowed in VGI script PATH_INFO
 607 mod_cgi  analyzed ScriptLog and stderr don't work well together
1960 mod_cgi  feedback Apache - broken CGI interface?
2235 mod_cgi  feedback Apache 1.2.6 loses POST data
2416 mod_cgi  feedback cgi script gets "premature end of script header" unless ScriptLog is
turned on
2808 mod_cgi  feedback she-bang works not for network paths
2918 mod_cgi  feedback Multiple leading slashes in SCRIPT_NAME, REQUEST_URI
2694 mod_cgi  open     cgi parameters do not work
2894 mod_cgi  open     cgi triggers premature EOF to be sent to client
2909 mod_cgi  open     SSI does not usually work with exec (cgi) options under OS/2
3002 mod_cgi  open     When using apache as a proxy, Proxy-authorization not passed to local
3079 mod_cgi  open     Sending a SIGUSR1 to daemon propogates to CGI children
3081 mod_cgi  open     if a cgi cannot be executed, it reports "Premature end of script headers".
3119 mod_cgi  open     premature end of script headers on run cgi perl script
1176 mod_cgi  suspende Apache cannot handle continuation line in headers
2460 mod_cgi  suspende TimeOut applies to output of CGI scripts
 161 mod_dir  suspende Questionable performace of  mod_dir() with negotiation
1263 mod_dir  suspende Add frame-safe anchor attribute to mod_autoindex links
1381 mod_dir  suspende File name display field is too short (23).
 370 mod_env  suspende Modified PATH environemnt variable is not passed, instead system's
is used
1383 mod_head suspende I make mod_headers to modify request headers as well as response ones.
1677 mod_head suspende mod_headers should allow mod_log_config-style formats in header values
 759 mod_imap suspende imap should read <MAP><AREA>*</MAP> too!
 784 mod_incl analyzed IncludesNOEXEC prohibits execution of Action in <!--#include virtual
2187 mod_incl analyzed web server running 1 hour ahead of the server itself
2423 mod_incl feedback no response from the ssi function
2515 mod_incl feedback handler "server-parsed" not found
2633 mod_incl feedback unclair mod_include #include
2755 mod_incl feedback #exec cmd doesn't work
2783 mod_incl feedback #exec directive non-functional, other directives fine
2828 mod_incl feedback SSI don't work anymore
2961 mod_incl feedback Server-parsed documents
2076 mod_incl open     mod_include timeouts are messed up
2657 mod_incl open     FollowSymLinks not allowed in DirectoryMatch directive
2814 mod_incl open     AddHandler "crash" AddType
2832 mod_incl open     #set and #echo don't interpolate variable names
2872 mod_incl open     (mod_include) $variable tests using regular expressions are incorrect
when including more than one test situation
2944 mod_incl open     access to requested document name
3006 mod_incl open     Compiler complains about end-of-loop code not reached.
3051 mod_incl open     Allow Recursion in SSI
3129 mod_incl open     If-Mosified-Since checks wrong date on documents that should be mod_include
  78 mod_incl suspende Additional status for XBitHack directive
 623 mod_incl suspende A smarter "Last Modified" value for SSI documents (see PR number 600)
 697 mod_incl suspende A security tweak I've been using for a few years for SSI
1145 mod_incl suspende Allow for Last-Modified: without resorting to XBitHack
1803 mod_incl suspende patches to mod_include to allow for file tests
 963 mod_info analyzed The data under the section 'Current Configuration' does not show up
on servers whose config files reside across NFS.
2415 mod_info suspende /server-info doesn't check for the virtual host to list the info
2591 mod_jser open     Setting headers from SSI Servlet doesn't work
2592 mod_jser open     <SERVLET> parameters enclosed in single quotes doesn't work
2593 mod_jser open     invalid domain in session cookie
2594 mod_jser open     JServSSI doesn't close the output stream
2786 mod_jser open     JServSSI not displaying rest of HTML page after <servlet>tag
2843 mod_jser open     .gsp, .jhtml cause errors when finished
2849 mod_jser open     Inconsistent handling of path delimiters in Windows
2854 mod_jser open     misconfiguration makes jserv got nuts
2855 mod_jser open     illegal access to private members from inner classes of JServConnection
2856 mod_jser open     cannot build apache server including mod_jserv on Solaris
2922 mod_jser open     JServ request crash with GET parameter %
2962 mod_jser open     initArgs are not parsed correctly
2963 mod_jser open     Error parsing initArgs when whitespaces are present
2966 mod_jser open     Escape characters not handled properly at initArgs
2971 mod_jser open     Configurations Class method getList generates null Exception
2985 mod_jser open     Java_wrapper passes the classpath via environment variable - jre1.1.6
ignores it.
3021 mod_jser open     mod_jserv does not setgid to the group specified for Apache
3030 mod_jser open     error in the sample configuration documentation & documentation
3035 mod_jser open     Sessions not working with Internet Explorer 4
3067 mod_jser open     JServ hangs for a long time and then throws the StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
3077 mod_jser open     JServ hangs for a long time and then throws the StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
3109 mod_jser open     How do I get the Jserv for Win NT 4.0.
3164 mod_jser open     Indeterminate wrapper_init return value and wrapper_parseline error.
2800 mod_jser suspende cookie max age overflows at about 25 days
1598 mod_log- analyzed <cr> or maybe <lf> in url causes line break in log file
1811 mod_log- analyzed Referer Log, logs to much...
2072 mod_log- open     Wrong value reported for %T in custom log for 408 timeouts.
2498 mod_log- open     Revisitation of PR number 885
2545 mod_log- open     With DirectoryIndex, bytes sent in log is "-" in (too) many occasions
2838 mod_log- open     Enhancement to mod_log_config
  73 mod_log- suspende reporting of referer in error_log
 519 mod_log- suspende Need ability to log proxy requests to a seperate logfile
 548 mod_log- suspende Add NoLog directive to stop logging from specified hosts
 573 mod_log- suspende More LogFormat directives
1050 mod_log- suspende Logging of virtual server to error_log as well
1351 mod_log- suspende No filtering of referer is possibly in CustomLog module
1358 mod_log- suspende Selective url-encode of log fields (or maybe a pseudo log_rewrite module?)
2073 mod_log- suspende pipelined connections are not logged correctly
2772 mod_log- suspende more % escapes
1799 mod_mime analyzed mod_mime's mapping to handler and content_type gets confused by some
2603 mod_mime feedback silent failure if mime.types is not found
2979 mod_mime open     Can't undo an earlier AddHandler
1987 mod_nego feedback Apache dumps core when handling unacceptable variants
1053 mod_nego open     "Negotiated" DirectoryIndex file listed in error if inaccessible
2965 mod_nego open     how to set quality-of-source values with multiviews?
3121 mod_perl feedback Apache-1.3.2 w/PHP-3.0.4 & mod_perl-1.15_01 Segmentation Fault
(Signal 11)
2014 mod_prox analyzed CONNECT protocol fails
2106 mod_prox analyzed Netscape Navi 3.03 can not connect to Apache WWWServer  if proxy module
is loaded - Communicator can
2186 mod_prox analyzed Garbage Colection Faults
2410 mod_prox feedback Proxy improperly re-directs virtual hosts.
2538 mod_prox feedback proxy server behaves incorrectly on http://proxy:port/
2552 mod_prox feedback IdentityCheck  reports wrong user name from Identd when apache act
as a proxy server
2896 mod_prox feedback Cache very Low
3166 mod_prox feedback can't forward to upstream proxy server.
1415 mod_prox open     POSTs with Content-Length: header have any trailing CRLF stripped from
2422 mod_prox open     ProxyPassReverse causes endless loop when Proxying "/" directory
2453 mod_prox open     Can't establish user access restriction to proxy service
2506 mod_prox open     I added an excluding function in ProxyBlock directive
2513 mod_prox open     Apache does not always unlink tmp files in apache cache area
2547 mod_prox open     Proxy module does not appear to obey access directives
2577 mod_prox open     Return error 403 instead of 500 due to ProxyBlock directive
2691 mod_prox open     FTP does not issue a PORT command, bad FTP servers may need this
2739 mod_prox open     Forward the client IP address to back-end server when proxying request
2746 mod_prox open     Reopen of PR 822 -- proxy listing cache-related error messages
2770 mod_prox open     FTP proxy over firewall fails
2926 mod_prox open     Can't access some cgi's
2978 mod_prox open     ProxyPass w/ Authentcation gives 407 not 401.
2983 mod_prox open     Cache overzealous in deleting files
2987 mod_prox open     proxy agent does not pass '?' in password field
3009 mod_prox open     RemoteProxy CAN'T request an authorization
3020 mod_prox open     The service hangs and apache doesn't reply any request also removing
proxy connection from the client.
3027 mod_prox open     ProxyPass whith authentication, use PROXY-Authenticate header, and
not WWW-Authenticate
3161 mod_prox open     detached proxy cache garbage collection broken
 362 mod_prox suspende Mod_proxy doesn't allow change of error pages
 440 mod_prox suspende Proxy doesn't deliver documents if not connected
 534 mod_prox suspende proxy converts ~name to %7Ename when name starts with a dot (.)
 612 mod_prox suspende Proxy FTP Authentication Fails
 700 mod_prox suspende Proxy doesn't do links right for OpenVMS files through ftp:
 980 mod_prox suspende Controlling Access to Remote Proxies would be nice...
 994 mod_prox suspende Adding authentication "on the fly" through the proxy module
1085 mod_prox suspende ProxyRemote make a dead cycle.
1166 mod_prox suspende ``nph-'' not honored (no buffering) for ProxyRemote mapping
1290 mod_prox suspende Need to know "hit-rate" on proxy cache
1532 mod_prox suspende Proxy transfer logging
1547 mod_prox suspende No HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR set...
1567 mod_prox suspende ProxyRemote proxy requests fail authentication by firewall
1702 mod_prox suspende mod_proxy to support persistent conns?
1878 mod_prox suspende listing of proxy cache content
2314 mod_prox suspende patterns in ProxyRemote
1644 mod_rewr analyzed mod_rewrite doesn't add Vary header field elements
2054 mod_rewr analyzed More "trailing slash" problem.
2493 mod_rewr feedback Bad Request with mod_rewrite and gdbm
2813 mod_rewr feedback mod_mime overrides content type provided by mod_rewrite
2925 mod_rewr feedback Multiple // not collapsed for you by mod_rewrite
2478 mod_rewr open     mod_rewrite appears broken under virtual hosts (and maybe broken all
2652 mod_rewr open     added feature where mod_rewrite can match on query-string part of URL
2931 mod_rewr open     mod_rewrite -U switch in combination with [P] rule doesn't work properly
3140 mod_rewr open     Substitution does not support some schemes
3147 mod_rewr open     apache sons eat all the cpu.
3160 mod_rewr open     processing rewrite maps is slow
1582 mod_rewr suspende mod_rewrite forms REQUEST_URI different than mod_cgi does
2074 mod_rewr suspende mod_rewrite doesn't pass Proxy Throughput on internal subrequests
2754 mod_spel open     mod_speling will incorrectly 'correct' non-filesystem Locations
2108 mod_stat analyzed server-status reports many more requests being processed than really
2115 mod_stat analyzed Change Mod status output
2373 mod_stat feedback mod_status compilation error
2864 mod_stat feedback FULL status information does not work
2138 mod_stat suspende mod_status always displays 256 possible connection slots
2343 mod_stat suspende Status module averages are for entire uptime
2233 mod_user analyzed Incorrect writing of the date string in cookies to MSIE
2328 mod_user feedback Log files truncated
2370 mod_user feedback Duplicate cookies with same name, different domain
2921 mod_user open     Make COOKIE_NAME a setting instead of a #define
2312 os-aix   analyzed syntax error in distributed httpd.conf file
2702 os-aix   feedback conflicting declarations of dlerror in os/unix/os.c
2937 os-aix   feedback Address already in use errors
2330 os-aix   open     libstandard.a is not a COFF file during make
2433 os-aix   open     file http_main.c, line 2978, assertion "old_listeners == NULL" failed
2662 os-aix   open     apache works fine when started manually by root, but there are problems
when it is started at boot time with /etc/inittab
2785 os-aix   open     Support for System Resource Controller
2227 os-bsdi  open     serializing access to accept with fcntl works better than flock under
2748 os-bsdi  open     apachectl report error and httpd shows signs of not wanting to start
3162 os-bsdi  open     Upon config -ldb and -lgdbm are not picked up
3011 os-dgux  feedback Wrong order of bytes in IP address for Listen and VirtualHost directives
2261 os-freeb feedback apache stops to answer queries after some time
2301 os-freeb feedback ROOT/src/include/conf.h must have valid default group and owner
2981 os-freeb open     Name Based Virtual Hosts dont work on on FreeBSD (shows main page)
2466 os-hpux  analyzed Placing logs directory in AFS causes children to be unkillable
2699 os-hpux  open     porting issues to HPUX10 and HPUX11
2989 os-hpux  open     Virtual Host does not work properly
3093 os-hpux  open     #DEFINEs required in os.h are not available in dl.h in HP-UX 8
1471 os-irix  analyzed apache doesn't startup on irix6.2
2742 os-irix  analyzed error message "semget: no space left on device"  Server won't start
2002 os-irix  feedback unkillable httpd processes
2369 os-irix  feedback sbin/apachectl start - uses incorrect httpd.conf
2405 os-irix  feedback Apache isn't responding correctly to SIGHUP.
2704 os-irix  feedback apache chokes after adding to many ErrorLog directives in virtual hosts
2469 os-irix  open     apache daemon doesn't start, semctl(IPC_SET): Bad address
2558 os-irix  open     compilation failure of http_mail.c in copy_listeners
2689 os-irix  open     more info on the semctl() problem reported by others
2812 os-irix  open     IRIX 6.4 Apache 1.3.1 compiled with CCFlags -32.
2829 os-irix  open     wrong client ip address in access log
2846 os-irix  open     Client addresses logged as in access log.
2122 os-linux feedback Children do not die when heavy traffic over NFS mount
2527 os-linux feedback Incorrect assumptions in the 1.3.0 Configure script for Linux 2.0.x/libc5
(non-glibc2) systems.
2723 os-linux feedback HTTPD dies complaining "error getting accept lock"
2774 os-linux open     Heavily loaded webserver stops accepting all connections after some
2986 os-linux open     after log rotation restart, all children die in hours. Parent is catatonic.
3076 os-linux open     Graceful restarts don't work. SIGUSR1 never seems to get through
3128 os-linux open     src/Configure script produces garbled module.c file if a module has
DOS newlines.
2003 os-netbs analyzed kill -HUP doesn't work right
2462 os-netbs open     DSO symbols don't need an underscore prepended on NetBSD/pmax 1.3.2
3120 os-netbs open     USE_FLOCK_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT should be configured for NetBSD
1986 os-next  feedback mod_status can't find machine/param.h at compilation time
2293 os-next  feedback Compilation errors on NeXTstep/OpenStep 4.0
2395 os-os2   open     coredump if proxy-cache is disabled
2407 os-os2   open     ScriptAlias fails to handle uppercase URLs
2920 os-os2   open     SSI exec option ( cgi ) does not work under OS/2
2930 os-os2   open     Fatal error... after run httpd.exe
3070 os-os2   open     I can find the emx runtime who works with Apache
1775 os-osf   analyzed Entry AuthName in .htaccess isn't being diplayed
2449 os-osf   open     quotes missing from $CFG_LDFLAGS_SHLIB in apxs in OSF1
2320 os-other feedback Support of UTS 2.1.2 is broken
2142 os-qnx   feedback server becomes unresponsive despite active servers. netstat shows ESTABLISHED
2533 os-sco   feedback Apache 1.3.0 won't build with Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support
2690 os-sco   feedback Compile error
2381 os-sco   open     configure missettings for SCO 3
2382 os-sco   open     Problem compilig for SCO5 with cc compiler
2634 os-sco   open     Won't compile http_main.c
2725 os-sco   open     SCO dev kit error (NOT apache error)
2185 os-solar analyzed 'apachectl restart' or 'apachectl graceful' causes httpd to die.
2430 os-solar feedback Not enough file descriptors??
2532 os-solar feedback Hanging on certain CGI scripts.
2609 os-solar feedback exits with "Too many open files; unable to open a file descriptor above
2712 os-solar feedback linking some APXS module with ORACLE libs seems to confuse apache...
2796 os-solar feedback ap_config.h misses STDIN_FILENO STDOUT_FILENO and STDERR_FILENO
2858 os-solar feedback "apachectl stop" command reboots my Solaris x86 box.
1190 os-solar open     server processes in keepalive state do not die after keepalive-timeout
2287 os-solar open     Webserver generates error #79 when trying to server pages from NT machine.
3094 os-solar open     Configure script does not check for presence of make.
2728 os-sunos open     DSO not working - similar to PR 2349
1357 os-unixw analyzed Server incorrectly interprets whether file is a symlink.
2650 os-unixw open     Newly compiled httpd executable is non-functional - suggest error in
Configure script
2943 os-unixw open     GuessOS does not recognize as UnixWare 7
1442 os-windo analyzed mod_info won't link under Windows NT/95
1462 os-windo analyzed Cannot load Proxy module
1730 os-windo analyzed Can't set document root.
2649 os-windo analyzed What is '@@whatever@@>' in windows.html
2810 os-windo analyzed Rewrite rule:  RewriteRule ^/somepath(.*) http://fully.qualified.domain/anypath$1
[P] does not work.
3014 os-windo analyzed Alias to another drive doesn't work (ref PRs 1558, 2953)
1327 os-windo feedback Apache ignores htaccess files on Aliased directories that are network
shares specified as UNCs
1707 os-windo feedback When exiting Windows Apache produces a GPF in 80% of cases
1726 os-windo feedback Apache hangs
1729 os-windo feedback MSIE 3.0 is crashing Apache server
1821 os-windo feedback Apache hangs after executing CGI programs
2021 os-windo feedback Problems with CGI and POSIX binaries
2071 os-windo feedback Unable to spawn CGI scripts
2097 os-windo feedback Service starts, but Service manager reports error
2178 os-windo feedback Apache locks up on repeated request of same page (HTML, not CGI!)
2216 os-windo feedback Apache 1.3b6 proxy module bug under Win95
2236 os-windo feedback Release version wil not run, debug version runs just fine.
2278 os-windo feedback Getting "select claimed we could write, but in fact we couldn't" in
error log
2297 os-windo feedback problem with -f and -d switches
2338 os-windo feedback Cannot start Apache Server in Winnt4.0 service pack 3
2346 os-windo feedback "nmake -f Makefile.nt _apacher" - not working!
2351 os-windo feedback CGI problem
2404 os-windo feedback Search CGI-scripts generates error
2417 os-windo feedback Serving files with "special" canonical names.
2429 os-windo feedback Standard error from scripts is not making it into error.log
2454 os-windo feedback Unable to get .htacess on aliases directories
2455 os-windo feedback Will not display the ReadmeName file in a directory
2456 os-windo feedback Cannot upload binary file with HTML tag <INPUT TYPE=file>
2465 os-windo feedback CGI scripts do not execute - Internal Server Error
2481 os-windo feedback machine type mismatch
2488 os-windo feedback Can not execute cgi´s with apache 1.3.0 for windows (32bit)
2494 os-windo feedback Error re-loading 16 bit CGI after loading an HTML page
2496 os-windo feedback ScriptAlias directive doesn't work (but Alias directive *does* =>
2511 os-windo feedback Header and Readme without function
2562 os-windo feedback about executing script like perl under WIN32 plateform
2599 os-windo feedback Compile errors w. MSVC5.0
2618 os-windo feedback Error 404 Forbidden when Alias to a Mapped drive
2688 os-windo feedback CGI Scripts in 1.3.1 do not work again
2692 os-windo feedback Startup failure
2747 os-windo feedback Still the same CGI problem
2773 os-windo feedback Hang on concurrent CGI invocations
2821 os-windo feedback Environment checking program does not see CLASSPATH or environment
2836 os-windo feedback 16-Bit CGIs don't work (See PR2494)
2887 os-windo feedback Requested URL was not found on this server problem only with WINDOWS!!!
2929 os-windo feedback User needs to tell the errors being seen.
2952 os-windo feedback Apache won't start as service when VirtualHost is used
2995 os-windo feedback Apache Can't find httpd.conf
3015 os-windo feedback .exe cgi don't work--500 internal error
1611 os-windo open     There is no way to automatically shutdown server on Windows 95
1623 os-windo open     Buffering of script output is not switched off
1891 os-windo open     Proxy cache garbage collection doesn't work under Win95
2061 os-windo open     Not all timefmt's are supported on NT
2189 os-windo open     Header and Readme not displayed when specified in .htaccess
2280 os-windo open     Windows 95 only. UserDir d:/*/public_html does not work
2303 os-windo open     User directive does not set userid (Windows NT)
2444 os-windo open     mod_isapi crashes when the server DLL returns HST_STATUS_ERROR
2472 os-windo open     Apache prevents Windows 95 shutdown
2555 os-windo open     ISAPI: DLLs used by an ISA are not found in the ISA's directory
2668 os-windo open     windows service
2708 os-windo open     Can still reference "nul" pseudofile
2720 os-windo open     ISAPI: loss of POSTed data
2726 os-windo open     Starting server under NT services gives "Error 0005: Access Denied"
2791 os-windo open     Unable to shutdown server from external process
2875 os-windo open     iis40 not working after unistalling apache
2876 os-windo open     Failure to run as NT service
2902 os-windo open     Get error on file MSVCRT when installing Apache
2915 os-windo open     <Files> directive does not work in httpd.conf
2932 os-windo open     Error when loading pages
3064 os-windo open     UNC names, ALIAS directive, SSI does not work
3100 os-windo open     Makefile.nt does not cleanse ApacheModuleRewrite%SHORT%/*.
3104 os-windo open     Making PERL work with Apache on Win32 systems
3106 os-windo open     Creation of new conf files
3107 os-windo open     NT Install script does not check if Apache is already running
3126 os-windo open     Crashes on exit.
3168 os-windo open     Win32 (NT): CGI scripts that
1643 os-windo suspende making the server console hideable
2208 os-windo suspende Is there anyway to get Apache to work as a Windows 95 service
1861 other    analyzed GNATS doesn't automail pending stuff
3071 other    analyzed Default 404 Errors give COMPLETE Unix pathnames of where the root HTTPD
directory is located.
2575 other    open     file http_main.c, line 2978, assertion "old_listeners == NULL" failed
2695 other    open     Broken directory structure
2804 other    open     corrupt httpd.conf causes unannounced exit on kill -1
3062 other    open     main/rfc1413.c: "remote , local" port syntax will fail
3068 other    open     after adding php to apache, errno doesn't work...
3123 other    open     CGI: Netscape works but IE3 generates "Premature end of script headers"
3139 other    open     [PATCH] disallow access to hard linked files
3173 other    open     PR3071 - Confidential path information shown in error messages still
present in 1.3.3 in 500 Internal Server Error messages
1028 other    suspende DoS attacks involving memory consumption
 378 protocol analyzed Wrong behavior on an OPTIONS request
2065 protocol analyzed using find_token() for If-Match et al is bogus
2585 protocol feedback GET /track1.mp3 from localhost returns no HTTP headers.
2614 protocol feedback Upgrafe from Apache 1.0 to 1.3 on Solaris 2.4  Breaks Netscape Proxy
2793 protocol suspende When will Apache support P3P? Any Plans?
1725 suexec   analyzed with suexec around some useful errors aren't logged well enough
1469 suexec   feedback suexec allows intermediate directories with unsafe permissions
1470 suexec   open     argv[0] passed to CGI scripts with and without suexec
2022 suexec   open     exec failure message fails to log, permission denied
2075 suexec   open     suexec can't write log after failed exec & doesn't check execute
2271 suexec   open     SUEXEC not allowing FrontPage Extentions to run
2360 suexec   open     suexec for general access of user content?
2419 suexec   open     suexec doesn't recognize commandline parameters
2573 suexec   open     CGI's for general use still have to be run as another user with suExec
2581 suexec   open     suexec on SCO doesn't use a replacement routine for initgroups(), but
Apache does
2790 suexec   open     Array overflow in suexec and some suggested improvements
2815 suexec   open     suexec isn't recognized by httpd
3154 suexec   open     suexec is getting started with wrong groupname
 921 suexec   suspende Uses cwd before filling it in, doesn't use syslog
1120 suexec   suspende suexec does not parse arguments to #exec cmd
1268 suexec   suspende CGI scripts running as Apache user: security (suexec etc.)
1285 suexec   suspende Error messages could be easier to spot in cgi.log file for suexec.c
1905 suexec   suspende Allow modules to set user:group for execution.

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