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From Wilfredo Sanchez <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Build outside of source tree
Date Mon, 05 Oct 1998 18:19:22 GMT
| Of course, +1 for concept (because it's a useful thing). But I've still
| problems with the large patch.  Especially, why remove $(TOP)? I forgot why
| we've introduced it, but there has to be a good reason. Can you explain why we
| cannot keep it?

Lemme see... I did this a while ago... $(TOP) is set to the top of the source tree, and...

configure sets it to the top of the original source tree, and not the top of the shadow
source tree, and the makefiles were assuming that the shadow tree would be inside
$(TOP). That is, you had references to files of this sort: $(TOP)/$(SRC)/foo. Well,
the whole point was to allow the shadow to live outside of $(TOP); $(SRC) may not
be a subdirectory of $(TOP), so we need to get rid of "$(TOP)/" in those cases.

I thought of changing $(TOP) to the shadow tree, but we still need $(TOP) to get to
the parts of the sources that don't need to be shadowed (eg. htdocs).  So there is
still a need for $(TOP) when finding those files.


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