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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] APACI: --permute-module=foo:bar
Date Sat, 31 Oct 1998 22:09:51 GMT
Ben Laurie writes:
>Ben Hyde wrote:
>> > I'd've thought this would be a relatively straightforward application of
>> > tsort
>> What a fun idea, I'm always a fan of using another
>> unix command
>> Sadly tsort's output may vary from platform to platform.
>Might it? OK, the error messages might, but surely the basic output
>would be the same?

It used to vary years ago, probably all the implementations
are the same now.

>> The current situation causes users to get modules
>> into some order (usual by luck) that works.  If
>> you add a mechanism like Ralf's you have to take
>> care you don't lose the "weak arcs" provided by
>> that order.  You need a what might be called a
>> stable tsort
>I was thinking that you'd include the standard module's
>interdependencies as the base arc list. This would actually be more
>flexible than a stable tsort.

It would be good to know those.  I was more concerned that
users would find their own modules appearing in new and
places in the ordering.

 - ben hyde

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