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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: Binary tarballs
Date Thu, 08 Oct 1998 20:05:52 GMT
Wilfredo Sanchez writes:
>| I was using --enable... in an attempt to suggest that a binary tarball
>| might have more things by default than configure would otherwise have
>| built you.  Let's ignore that for now.
>My point was that no configure options should be specified in the canonical binaries.
>If a given platform has preferred options, they should be set as APACI defaults for that
>platform, and then all binaries are created with the same commands.

yes, that would be nice.

>For platforms with dynamic loading, all modules should compile by default, though
>they should not all be enabled in the default conf files. We do this on Rhapsody,
>though APACI doesn't currently support it; we enable everything and then do
>some sed voodoo to comment out everything except for those that the Apache docs
>say are compiled in by default.

Yes maybe they should all compile by default, but since that will
requires rework in the conf. systems.  I'd guess at this moment I
prefer a solution that doesn't include that tax up front.  So now I'm
sorry I brought it up.

Still need to resolve the sources deadlock and the settle on something
for the layout of the top of the tarball.

  - ben hyde

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