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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: Removing ap_dummy_mutex from API
Date Fri, 02 Oct 1998 21:15:16 GMT
Dean Gaudet writes:
> ... race conditions due to signals that I don't think are
>solveable.  For example, if you take a signal inside a 3rd party
>library... you're toast.  You can't expect it to continue properly (some
>do, some don't), and you can't longjmp out of it because it could leak
>resources.  The only way around it is to not take the signal. 

That does seem to be the industry solution.  Nobody (aka 3rd party
code) implemented interrupt handling right in their code and meanwhile
longjmp is rarely dependable either.  So we all end up deciding to
forswear interrupts.

Tuning in latter...
Mr. Application say:
 "What happens when a thread/process gets stuck, errors, or runs out of time?"
Mr. OS say:
 "You could have another thread kill it."
A: "Can I clean up?"
O: "Not really, but the thread that kills it can."
A: "Oh so I build my own stack of cleanup."
O: "You got it."
A: "wonderful"
O: "Don't worry the OS data structures will be reclaimed."

Good thing we got those pools and with their cleanup routines per thread in 2.

 - ben

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