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From Janos Farkas <Janos.Farkas-lists+priv-#OUsI0bJx2zG*>
Subject PR2144 - no_detach [Re: time for 1.3.3]
Date Tue, 29 Sep 1998 13:31:01 GMT
On 1998-09-29 at 07:40:44, Ken Coar wrote:
> detach() does more than just fork and reopen the files; it's also where
> the process group is set.  So I suspect your patch might need a
> little more to it -- but I haven't investigated in detail.

Aha, thanks, it seems I left my mind on vacation since a few months..  I
somehow believed the process group setting is used to cause the detach,
and not backwards.  I've put up a modified patch at

and sent a similar note to apbugs to update the PR.  It now modifies
detach to take an additional argument to decide whether to fork() or
not, all the rest will be done like before.  It's still simple, and it
still doesn't effect how apache works when the -n option is not
specified.  (Formerly, I thought skipping reopening std files is a
feature, just like not setting the process group, but the playing with
process handling in the latter way is certainly not a wise idea..

Also, sorry, I don't want to persist with this minor issue, so feel free
to ignore if something is still wrong :)

Janos - Don't worry, my address is real.  I'm just bored of spam.

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