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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: Apache on the Netwinder
Date Wed, 09 Sep 1998 17:07:59 GMT
> Is your client disconnecting?  Linux 2.0 reports these errors when the
> client does the handshake and disconnects before the app does accept(),
> and no other unix does.  They changed it in 2.1 because too many unix apps
> just screw up royally when given these errno (see http_main.c for the full
> list of errors that I know of).  The reason for reporting the errors is a
> suggestion in one of the host requirements RFCs... but it's not part of
> the berkeley socket API per se. 
> > Although I may have a bit of a Heisenberg here.  Whenever I point strace
> > at the process to get this information it seems to come unstuck.
> Yeah this is one of the annoying features of ptrace() under linux. 
> Dunno what to say about the problem though.  It sounds like the kernel... 

I suspect the kernel as well.  Still waiting for a new kernel release.
The interesting thing is that Apache 1.2.6 seems to work flawlessly.

There is a stress tester at:

That page takes a whole directory of TTF fonts and creates an image for
each using PHP and GD on the fly and serves all these images up on a page.  
Under Apache-1.3.x this page would never completely load.  Under
Apache-1.2.6 which I am currently running it works fine.


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