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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: HINTS PLEASE: how to determine named-based vhost
Date Wed, 16 Sep 1998 15:55:45 GMT
On Wed, 16 Sep 1998, Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:

> A poked around in our http_vhost.c source but couldn't find an API function
> which can be used. The problem is this: SSL interfaces like mod_ssl and
> Apache-SSL should check whether the configured SSL-vhost is name-based or not.
> Because fo SSL it _has_ to be IP-based. So, what's basically needed (and it
> would be fine when we could add it for 1.3.2 and not patch it into the code
> for mod_ssl, Apache-SSL, etc.) is
>      int ap_is_name_based_vhost(server_rec *s);

This is an impossible question to answer.  Consider:

    ServerName foobar
    blah blah
    ServerName whatever

Is foobar a name-vhost or not?

> As it looks it has to search "s" inside the iphash_table from http_vhost and
> when it is found it has to look for the "names" attribute.
> In other words:
>      API_EXPORT int ap_is_name_based_vhost(server_rec *s)
>      {
>          ipaddr_chain *ic;
>          int rc = 0;
>          int i;
>          for (i = 0; i < IPHASH_TABLE_SIZE; i++) {
>              for (ic = iphash_table[i]; ic != NULL; ic = ic->next) {
>                  if (ic->server == s) {
>                      if (ic->names == NULL)
>                          rc = 1;
>                      break;
>                  }
>              }
>          }
>          return rc;
>      }

This code doesn't do what you want... it answers the question: for
one of the IP:port pairs that s can respond to requests on, is it an
*ip*-based vhost.

I'm not sure if the real question you want to ask is:

    - does this server have exactly one IP address and is that addr
      shared with no other server?


    - are all of this server's addresses unique to this server

To do the first you'll want to look at s->addrs... in either case you
always have to scan the entire hash table... which is ugly O(n^2) if you
have to do it for every server.  So you may want to instead add a field
to server_rec, and add the calculation of these answers to the hashing
process in ap_fini_vhost_config().


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