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From Alexei Kosut <ako...@leland.Stanford.EDU>
Subject Re: A Magic Cache example
Date Thu, 10 Sep 1998 02:43:05 GMT
On Wed, 9 Sep 1998, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:

> > Note 3: Ten bonus points to anyone who's read this far, and is the first
> > person to answer today's trivia question: What does the skzb referred to
> > in the example URI stand for? There's enough information in this mail to
> > figure it out (with some help from the Net), even if you don't know
> > offhand (though if you do, I'd be happier). 
> I'm guessing KZ == Karl Zoltan which is Steven Brust's pen-name.  Hence
> skzb.  (And yes, I did have to look up the ISBN number to clue in)

Actually, his full name is Steven Karl Zoltan Brust.  But close enough. 
You get the ten bonus points.  Unfortuantely, I'm a bit short right now,
so I'll leave an IOU in the source code of Apache 2.0 somewhere...

/* Alexei owes Rasmus ten bonus points */

-- Alexei Kosut <> <>
   Stanford University, Class of 2001 * Apache <> *

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