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From Charles Randall <>
Subject configure, auth_db, and Solaris 2.6 (RE: WAKEUP PLEASE: Tomorrow is release time!)
Date Fri, 18 Sep 1998 16:44:50 GMT
My run of configure fails on Solaris 2.6 w/gcc 2.8.1 (actually, gcc,
gcc 2.8.1, and WorkShop cc 4.2). It succeeds if I add
"--disable_module=auth_db". Output from configure appended below.


% ./configure --prefix=/tmp/apache --enable-shared=remain --verbose
Configuring for Apache, Version 1.3.2-dev
Creating Makefile
Creating Configuration.apaci in src
 + Rule SHARED_CORE=default
 + Rule SHARED_CHAIN=default
 + Rule SOCKS4=no
 + Rule SOCKS5=no
 + Rule IRIXNIS=no
 + Rule IRIXN32=yes
 + Rule PARANOID=no
 + Rule WANTHSREGEX=default
 + Module mmap_static: yes [shared]
 + Module env: yes [static]
 + Module log_config: yes [static]
 + Module log_agent: yes [shared]
 + Module log_referer: yes [shared]
 + Module mime_magic: yes [shared]
 + Module mime: yes [static]
 + Module negotiation: yes [static]
 + Module status: yes [static]
 + Module info: yes [shared]
 + Module include: yes [static]
 + Module autoindex: yes [static]
 + Module dir: yes [static]
 + Module cgi: yes [static]
 + Module asis: yes [static]
 + Module imap: yes [static]
 + Module actions: yes [static]
 + Module speling: yes [shared]
 + Module userdir: yes [static]
 + Module proxy: yes [shared]
 + Module alias: yes [static]
 + Module rewrite: yes [shared]
 + Module access: yes [static]
 + Module auth: yes [static]
 + Module auth_anon: yes [shared]
 + Module auth_dbm: yes [shared]
 + Module auth_db: yes [shared]
 + Module digest: yes [shared]
 + Module cern_meta: yes [shared]
 + Module expires: yes [shared]
 + Module headers: yes [shared]
 + Module usertrack: yes [shared]
 + Module example: yes [shared]
 + Module unique_id: yes [shared]
 + Module so: yes [static]
 + Module setenvif: yes [static]
Creating Makefile in src
 + configured for Solaris 260 platform
 + setting C pre-processor to gcc -E
 + checking for system header files
 + adding selected modules
    o rewrite_module uses ConfigStart/End
      enabling DBM support for mod_rewrite
    o dbm_auth_module uses ConfigStart/End
    o db_auth_module uses ConfigStart/End
 + using -ldb for mod_auth_db
 + using -ldl for vendor DSO support
ld: fatal: library -ldb: not found
ld: fatal: File processing errors. No output written to helpers/dummy
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `dummy'
 + doing sanity check on compiler and options
** A test compilation with your Makefile configuration
** failed. This is most likely because your C compiler
** is not ANSI. Apache requires an ANSI C Compiler, such
** as gcc. The above error message from your compiler
** will also provide a clue.

-----Original Message-----
From: Shane Owenby []
Sent: Friday, September 18, 1998 8:19 AM
Subject: Re: WAKEUP PLEASE: Tomorrow is release time!

The following platforms compiled (process below), ran, served
static pages, and processed the 2 sample CGI's successfully.

Platform           Compiler
Solaris 2.6 SPARCWorks compiler
Solaris 2.5.1 SPARCWorks Compiler
Solaris 2.5.1 gcc
RedHat 5.1 (generic install) gcc
AIX 4.3.1     xlC 3.1.4
AIX 4.2.1     xlC 3.1.4
AIX 4.1.5     gcc
AIX 4.1.5     xlC 3.6.4    Unsuccessful due to compiler problems:
This is a know problem, but I wanted to follow up a little on it.

In order to determine which version of xlC do:
lslpp -L all | grep ibmcxx
lslpp -L all | grep xlC
We are following up with the compiler people, and will post more
information when available.

The error message that you will get if you have xlC 3.6.4 is:

(cdspace)/tmp/shane/sbin% apachectl start
Syntax error on line 108 of /tmp/shane/etc/apache/srm.conf:
Expected </Files> but saw </Files>
./apachectl start: httpd could not be started

Here is the options I used to build.
./configure --enable-shared=max --enable-module=so --prefix=/tmp/shane

If anything further needs to be done on any of the above
platforms please do not hesitate to ask.


Shane Owenby           

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