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From Shane Owenby <>
Subject Re: WAKEUP PLEASE: Tomorrow is release time!
Date Fri, 18 Sep 1998 18:16:31 GMT
Ralf wrote:
>>In article <5040500020721163000002L032*@MHS> you wrote:
>>> The following platforms compiled (process below), ran, served
>>> static pages, and processed the 2 sample CGI's successfully.
>>> Platform           Compiler
>>> ---------------------------------------------
>>> Solaris 2.6 SPARCWorks compiler
>>> Solaris 2.5.1 SPARCWorks Compiler
>>> Solaris 2.5.1 gcc
>>> RedHat 5.1 (generic install) gcc
>>> AIX 4.3.1     xlC 3.1.4
>>> AIX 4.2.1     xlC 3.1.4
>>> AIX 4.1.5     gcc
>>> AIX 4.1.5     xlC 3.6.4    Unsuccessful due to compiler problems:
>>> This is a know problem, but I wanted to follow up a little on it.
>>Are you really tested even with DSO enabled for some modules?
>>I ask because there PR's saying we have to fix the dlerror
>>prototype and even postings on c.i.w.u.s saying the same.
Not sure if I completely understand you question.  So this may
be off base, but....

There are LoadModule and AddModule lines in httpd.conf for
each module. ie mod_cgi
There is:
LoadModule cgi_module         libexec/
AddModule mod_cgi.c

And I tested the 2 cgi's ( printenv and test-cgi )
So with mod_cgi dynamically loaded it should have
been tested.......

I only statically built with mod_so
(xnos)/tmp/shane/sbin% ./httpd -l
Compiled-in modules:

Again the ./configure options I used were:

>>But beside this point: Great!
>>Thanks for testing Apache on such a lot platforms.
No problem as I have access to a number of machine
around IBM.

I am installing a Sparc Linux machine soon, and I got the FreeBSD
CD's in the mail yesterday. So they will be included in the future.

Shane Owenby

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