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Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-1.3 WARNING-NT.TXT
Date Tue, 22 Sep 1998 18:35:33 GMT
Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

> Two items I *know* are broken in Win32:
> 1. "Alias /foo/ z:/" doesn't work.  Ken Parzygnat has determined that
>    this is due to a bug in the (you guessed it) filename canonicalisation
>    routines, and I think he has a fix.

I recall that in 1.3.1 there was a bug that caused problems  with <Directory /> &
(I think) things like <Directory c:/>.  <Directory /> used to be in the default
access.conf file for Win32, however this was removed from the .conf file, making
it easier to forget about the bug.  I remember that a number of people put a lot
of work into ap_os_canonical_filename etc, and there was resistance to trying to
actually solve this in 1.3.2.  I believe that Marc went so far as to tell me that
it could not be solved in 1.3.2. As I have not contributed a solution, I can't
very well criticize this.  I have not tested 1.3.2 yet on Win32.

IMHO it is very important to keep this one on the list of things that Win32 users
should know about.

> 2. The whole extension-versus-shebang issue.  Bill Stoddard has stuff
>    for this; I think the brouhaha kept it from being committed.
> Things I *think* are broken:
> 1. The proxy.  (I may be wrong; has this been made to compile/work
>    on Win32?)

I believe you're referring to a Win95-specific problem.

The last time I checked the proxy on Win95 was back when 1.3.1 was released.  The
proxy ran if and only if it had been built into the core.  Keeping it out of the
core and trying to run it with the LoadModule directive resulted in an error.  As
I have stated a number of times, when I did GetLastError I could see that
LoadLibraryEx resulted in error 1114   ERROR_DLL_INIT_FAILED.

I will certainly test this again for 1.3.2, though my impression is that no-one
has yet figured out what's wrong, much less how to fix it.

AFAIK the proxy never had a problem with LoadModule on NT, nor did it have
problems running if built into the core.

-- Jenn Nyland

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