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From "Ralf S. Engelschall" <>
Subject Re: Win32 / DevStudio stuff: Question
Date Wed, 30 Sep 1998 19:03:13 GMT

In article <000e01bdeca2$47316b00$> you wrote:

> I don't know of a standard Windows way.  I've got a little .exe
> program that runs through the file and converts all LF's to CRLF's.
> Some folks use their code control system, others FTP.  Pretty much
> however you can do it. :-)

Then I'll use Perl....

> DevStudio actually creates a .dsw file (DevStudio Workspace).  A workspace
> contains DevStudio Projects (.dsp files).  Once you have a .dsw, you can add
> more .dsp files to it by clicking Project->Insert Project into Workspace.

> When you have many projects in one workspace, you can highlight all of the
> projects in the "Project Settings" dialog, and make changes across all projects.

Oh, this is a good hint. Thanks.

> Hmmmm... LIBC.lib is the single threaded library.  It should
> be  in the \DevStudio\VC\lib directory.  Do you have the
> LIBCMT.lib?  

Yes, libcmt.lib is present.

> That is the multi threaded library.  I would
> bet you probably want to use the multi threaded library
> anyway.  
> If you don't have LIBCMT.lib, then you need to get your
> VC++ installation CD and install the multithreaded libraries.
> If you need LIBC.lib and don't have it, try installing the 
> single threaded libraries.

I don't want to use them. Seems like my DevStudio installation is a little bit
different from the standard. I'll try to reinstall DevStudio and make sure
those single-threaded stuff is installed, too.  Thanks for making it clear
where the problem is.
                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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