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From "Ralf S. Engelschall" <>
Subject Win32 / DevStudio stuff: Question
Date Wed, 30 Sep 1998 07:46:56 GMT

We've now ported mod_ssl to the Win32 platform (I hated every minute I was
forced to work with VC++ and was such happy to be alte to return Unix/GCC now
again ;-). Only one thing is missing: The integration of the modules/ssl/
stuff into the DevStudio .dsp/.mak files. As a workaround we patched directly
the .mak files. But as Marc recently explained this is incorrect, of course.

So, I tried to add it the correct way to the .dsp files, but....
Ok, I'd to confess: I'm too stupid for this. Yesterday
I tried:

"msdev ApacheCore.dsp" -> Error: file was not created with DevStudio (haha)
"msdev ApacheCore.mak" -> Loads, but then?

Even in the GUI I cannot find where I can edit those "ADD .." lines of the
.dsp files. As I said, either I or the GUI is too stupid. So, here
are my two questions:

1. What is the _correct_ GUI way to add /DMOD_SSL, /I<path_to_ssleay>
   and <path_to_ssleay>/libssleay.lib to the .dsp files?

2. Can I patch the .dsp files in batch and then re-created the
   .mak files through a batch-able DevStudio call? This would be my preferred
   approach. Something like "msdev /convert x.dsp x.mak" or whatever.

Please help a Unix-only hacker on his fight with the Win32 platform...

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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