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From Wilfredo Sanchez <>
Subject Re: WAKEUP PLEASE: Tomorrow is release time!
Date Sat, 19 Sep 1998 23:04:48 GMT
| Yes, thats (beside others) the reason for the SHARED_CORE rule.  I'll make
| SHARED_CORE default to yes under Rhapsody, because introducing a flag for
| the stripping would now can have side-effects on other platforms. And we have
| to avoid such things now that we're close to a release.

Yup. Yup.

Often, there is a separate install-strip target (See "GNU Makefile Standards" doc
in the autoconf source tree).

After "DEF_SHARED_CORE=yes" you need "SHLIB_SUFFIX_NAME=dylib",
as it is not finding, since .so ld doesn't know to look for ".so".

That done, it still breaks, because of libhttpd.ep, whose purpose I don't grok,
but making that target a noop lets the build complete.  I don't see an easy way
to skip that target offhand... The error is

	/usr/bin/ld: ./libhttpd.dylib is input for the dynamic link editor, is
	not relocatable by the static link editor again

Hmm... Looks like we need it to run, anyway.

So shared core is going to need a little work. I suggest we turn it off for now,
since its easier to figure out that you can remove -s from the Makefile, than
it is to make the shared core thing work out.


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