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From Dan Jacobowitz <>
Subject DB v2 compatibility
Date Sun, 06 Sep 1998 16:29:06 GMT
I've spent the past day or so beating my head against the figurative
wall of GNU libc 2.1's changed db/dbm headers and libraries. 
Attempting to get it to work is not a whole lot of fun.  I'm having
some bizarre issues with dynamic loading; I eventually got the whole
thing to compile, but when mod_rewrite is loaded it will complain that
__db_ndbm_open is not defined (even though apache is linked to one of
-ldb or -ldb2 which does indeed define it).  The other issue is that
db.h is now db version 2, which has a semifunctional ndbm emulation,
and not db 1.8.5 (very different official APIs).  I had to harrass the
db detection code for a while - especially because, at least at
current, there is no ndbm.h.

That aside - has anyone ever built apache with DB 2?  If so, I'd like
to hear about it.


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