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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Win32 still beta - what to do...
Date Mon, 21 Sep 1998 19:31:37 GMT
Marc Slemko writes:
>On Mon, 21 Sep 1998, Ben Hyde wrote:
>> had bitten us numerous times.  Well it's stopped biting us.
>Beta quality is still correct.

Sorry to play dumb, but can we be specific?  We, just for example,
tolerate what might be called "beta quality" documentation without
insisting on a public disclaimer.

I'll allow as the performance issues alone might preclude a "world
class" attribution.

We really ought to find some way out of this state.  It's not just
embaressing.  A lot of people are making or have made Apache
"decisions" based on the promise of Win32 support.  "bait and switch?"

I hope we can get out of the beta state before it exceeds the quality
of the very matured unix version.

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