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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: Apache 2.0/NSPR
Date Mon, 14 Sep 1998 13:39:13 GMT
Ben Laurie writes:
>Dean Gaudet wrote:
>> How about someone describe the actual difficulties that lead to this whole
>> gc discussion before we take it any further?
>> As far as I can recall, the only storage leaks that have ever occured in
>> Apache were due to people using make_sub_pool(NULL).  Something which I
>> made impossible in apache-nspr (or at least I think I did, I intended
>> to...).
>But there are (occasional) reasons for wanting to do that...

Ok, but ...  My model of pools is that they are owned by some activity,
and when that activity completes they are reclaimed.  Activites
are usually implemented by a single thread, or process.  Of course
not always, for example a pool owned by a module for it's internal 
state who's life cycle is delimeted the init file loading.

When an activity happens not to have it's own thread/process there is
always one who's extent is longer than the activity and the pool can
nest inside of it.

Having a single root pool is nicer, to my sense of style, than using
NULL as the root since it leaves clear the sequencing and certainty of
how things are torndown.  Leaving a few globals in the namespace for
generally useful pools?  My eyes see that as is useful, rather than 

 - ben hyde

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